Frequently Asked Questions

What Plan should I choose?

If you color weekly then the Calm Pack is best for you. If you're a daily colorist, then the Relax Pack is the way to go. You can select what kind of paper you want for what kind of coloring you want to do or select the digital version to be able to print yourself.

Can I change my plan?

Easily upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want at a click of a button.

What is the theme each month?

Each month the theme varies based on season, time of the year etc. For example December will be the Holiday season theme.

How are the designs selected?

The designs are selected based on themes and the style of the artists.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Not yet, but we will be releasing this out soon.

How are the boxes priced?

Boxes are priced to account for printing, shipping and designing costs. We want to support artists and pay them a fair wage.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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